How to build a website?


Before starting to create a website, have you taken the time to define objectives, target customers, graphic charter, competitive analysis, models, etc?
Need help? I'm here to help you as a freelance web developer.

1. Choose a domain name

Domain name

The domain name is extremely important, it must be short, easy to remember and must correspond to your brand identity.
Check its availability at any host.

2. Choose a host


The host will host your website on its servers, these servers must be close to the countries of your target customers for better speed.
The best thing is to take a web hosting offer with one or more e-boxes. mail to have a contact email with your personalized domain (example:

3. Choose a CMS


A CMS (Content management system) is the editing software for your website. To build the pages of your website, you will have to choose a CMS like WordPress or code your own.
You can also code yours with a framework like Symfony.

4. Choose a theme in line with your graphic charter


Your website needs a unique design that will allow your users to recognize your brand.
If you decide not to do it yourself, make sure it is flexible and responsive (compatible with mobile phones ).

5. SEO


To be able to be present on Google, you must create a sitemap (see article) then send it to Google Search Console.
To be in the first results, you will have to work on many aspects: The site must be in HTTPS, the images in the new generation format,
pages have a relevant meta description and a good title structure.

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Source: Presse Citron OVH


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