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Commercial website

🏢 Future Is Past

In the context of implementing a new concept, I worked with the founders on the development of a website from A to Z. The concept is to answer questions in videos and to receive the video several years later. I have set up administrator tools to offer complete autonomy on the site.
⏱ Mission duration : 12 months

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React Library

🏢 Kereon Intelligence

As part of a project that aims to create a monitoring platform for an agri-food production site with cameras capable of recognizing objects and people to monitor productivity and warn in the event of any problems, I worked with a team of 4 people: a full stack developer, a backend developer, a project manager and a Product Owner.
⏱ Mission duration : 5 months

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Redesign of an Android application


I worked with a team of 3 people including an ios, fullstack and backend developer. I took over the code of a person who left without doing any documentation, which allowed me to develop my ability to read complex code.
⏱ Mission duration : 2 months

Neubauer occasion

🏢 Motor Digital Publishing

Development of a used vehicle sales site with front and back office in Symfony 5.
⏱ Mission duration : 3 months

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Future is past - KPMG

🏢 Future Is Past

Concept: You answer in video to 6 questions on the topic of tomorrow's business and your future professional.
In 1 year you will receive an email with a link to download your video. You will then find out if you were right!
⏱ Mission duration : 1 months

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ERP website


As part of the development of a new urban scooter repair company, I worked on the development of a responsive website for the management of these repairs.
⏱ Mission duration : 2 months

Plugins Mautic

🏢 Smart Mailouts

As part of the development of a new marketing services company, I worked on the integration of Unlayer and Beefree into Mautic.
⏱ Mission duration : 1 months

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