How to create a Mautic plugin?

A plugin or addons allows you to improve, add features or connect other software to Mautic in order to provide a more personalized experience to your needs.


Before starting to create a website, have you taken the time to define objectives, target customers, graphic charter, competitive analysis, models, etc?
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1. Find a similar Mautic plugin


Building a Mautic plugin can be time consuming but you can start by searching for a similar plugin on Github.
Here is an example search for a plugin that changes leads: mautic lead bundle
You can also check the code of official plugins from Mautic.
Once found, you can start from the code of this plugin to start your project.

2. Développer des fonctionnalitées

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Consulter la documentation développeur de Mautic et comme Mautic a été construit sur Symfony, vous pouvez également consulter la documentation Symfony pour réaliser les fonctionnalitées.
Si vous souhaitez vous inspirez directement du code source de Mautic ou utiliser des classes Mautic existantes, vous pouvez consulter le code source dans le dossier app/bundles de votre instance sur sur Github.

3. Test


You can then test your plugin and check the errors in the var/logs folder.
If you run into an issue, don't forget to check the existing issues.

4. Customizable settings


You can make your plugin more customizable for users by integrating parameters.
To do this you need to use the framework Integration from Mautic.
The settings will be available in the Settings => Plugins => Your plugin.

5. Translations and publishing


To internationalize your plugin, you can translate into several languages.
You can then publish it on the Mautic Marketplace by following this guide.

6. Keeping it up to date


For your plugin to remain functional over time, it must be updated by following the information given on Github.

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For more information, you can contact me to discuss your project.


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