How to create an Android app?


Before starting to create an application, have you taken the time to define objectives, target customers, graphic charter, competitive analysis, models, etc?
Need help? I'm here to help you as a freelance Android developer.

1. Choose technology


Developing a native Android application is the best solution for developing a quality application, but it requires technical skills.
You can also develop a hybrid application capable of being deployed on Android and IOS but the application will be of lower quality.

2. Develop the app


Install Android Studio and create a new project. Prepare the data structure in the SQLite database and the link with the website (API).

3. Improve app quality


Add a dark theme, compatibility with older versions of Android, translations, permissions (permission to use the camera for example),
compliance with GDPR, an icon, relevant notifications.

4. Test the app

Application test

Use Android Emulator from Android Studio to test several versions of Android in different contexts (with/without internet access, light/dark theme).
You can launch the application in public or private test on the playstore to fix all the bugs.

5. Publish on the play store


Create an account on the Play Console and submit your application. Google will review and publish it.
You can find the full tutorial at Google Support

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For more information, you can contact me to discuss your project.


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