SpothitBundle - Mautic plugin to send text messages from Spothit


License for one person/company

This plugin brings Spothit into Mautic.

Compatible with the latest version of Mautic & you will receive updates

🎁 Compatible with old versions Mautic 2 and Mautic 3

How to install Spothit in Mautic?

Follow the installation instructions to install this plugin.


  • Sending text messages via Spothit
  • Sending statistics


  1. Move pluign folder to plugins
  2. Clear Mautic cache
  3. Go to "Settings" then "Plugins" and press the button at the top right "Install/update plugins"
  4. Click on the plugin that appears and enter informations
  5. Click on the Twilio plugin and enter the information (you can put anything)
  6. Go to "Settings" then "Configuration" then "Text Message Settings" and select "mautic.sms.spothit.transport" as the default transport



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