MauticBeefreeBundle - Mautic plugin to use BeeFree email builder


License for one person/company

  • ✔️Free update for 1 yearhelp
  • ❌Commercial use
  • ❌Modification

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This plugin brings BeeFree into Mautic.

Compatible with the latest version of Mautic & you will receive updates

✨ Updated to work on Mautic 5.x
💡 Add compatibility with GrapeJS builder

💡 Added the ability to import JSON templates into Mautic

✨ Updated to work on Mautic 4.x
🛠️ Fixed email and template list size on small display

✨ Updated to work on Mautic 3.x

🎁 Compatible with old versions Mautic 2 and Mautic 3

How to install BeeFree in Mautic?

Follow the installation instructions to install this plugin.

How to use Unlayer in BeeFree?

Click on edit template in the email editing page to edit with BeeFree.

Can we use the default editor?

Yes, click on the Constructor button at the top right of the email editing page to use the default editor.


  • Create and edit emails with BeeFree email builder
  • Integration with landing pages
  • Don't hesitate to ask for other features


  1. Move pluign folder to plugins
  2. Clear Mautic cache
  3. Go to "Settings" then "Plugins" and press the button at the top right "Install/update plugins"
  4. Click on the plugin that appears and enter informations
  5. Go to, create an account and an application. Get API_KEY et API_SECRET
  6. Disable other email builder plugins (GrapesJS, Mosaico, ..)



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