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What is la maintenance informatique ou application maintenance?

application maintenance

IT maintenance refers to all activities aimed at ensuring the proper functioning, reliability, availability and security of computer systems, software and IT equipment within an organization. This includes preventing failures, detecting and resolving problems, updating software and operating systems, and managing backups and disaster recovery. In summary, IT maintenance aims to ensure business continuity by minimizing interruptions related to technical problems.

What is third-party application maintenance?


Third-Party Application Maintenance (TMA) is a service contract in which a company entrusts the maintenance of its IT applications to an external service provider, called a third-party maintainer or third-party application. Unlike internal maintenance carried out by the company's development teams, the TMA delegates this responsibility to a specialized service provider.

The main activities of Third Party Application Maintenance include bug correction, feature evolution, performance optimization, incident management, and sometimes even the development of new features. This contract is often based on service levels (SLA) which define response times, monitoring and reporting methods, as well as quality commitments.

TMA allows a company to concentrate on its core business while benefiting from the expertise and availability of a specialized service provider to ensure the proper functioning and development of its IT applications.

What can I do for you?


As an experienced application maintenance developer, I specialize in the maintenance of custom applications, website, mobile application, meeting the specific needs of my clients.

My experience


With solid expertise in application maintenance, I am able to provide you with undeniable added value for your project. Having maintained a series of web and Android applications, I have in-depth experience, built over many years. You can count on my know-how to respond effectively to your needs and support you towards the success of your business.

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