What is Symfony?

The choice of a web technology


The first step when designing a web project is the choice of technology

For people without technical skills, the choice is usually CMS such as WordPress.

There is a second solution: frameworks.

CMS vs Framework

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It is said that we use a CMS for a simple or generic site in the sense that we use classic content that is easily found as a template on WordPress

We use a framework for more advanced projects or a non-standard design like a list of items in the form of train carriages.

My choice : Symfony


Symfony is a popular framework which presents a base with a manager of routes, entities, forms, translations, templates.

Just like WordPress, the framework allows the installation of complementary modules which save time while remaining fully customizable.

Symfony has the advantage of being very flexible and customizable while having a wide variety of add-ons that can facilitate development.

This is why my choice is on Symfony.

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