GAuthBundle - Mautic plugin to use Google Authenticator



License for one person/company

This Mautic plugin allows two-step(2FA) login with Google Authenticator.

Compatible with the latest version of Mautic & you will receive updates

✨ Updated to work on Mautic 4.x

✨ Updated to work on Mautic 3.x

🎁 Compatible with old versions Mautic 2 and Mautic 3


  • Generation of QR Codes
  • Two-step authentication with Google Authenticator


  1. Move pluign folder to plugins
  2. Clear Mautic cache
  3. Go to "Settings" then "Plugins" and press the button at the top right "Install/update plugins"
  4. Install the Google Authenticator app on your phone
  5. Click on the Google Authenticator plugin, scan the QR Code with the app and go to "Features" tab to confirm


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ February 2024

I am so pleased to have come across this plugin. Given that I am somewhat technically challenged, I am also very grateful to Yohan for the assistance he gave me to get it up and running.